Let the Past Be in the Past

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Don’t Let Your Past Keep You Stuck

We can learn from our accidents. We don’t have be trapped by them forever.

EMDR for Athletes

After my backcountry accident, I found relief through EMDR therapy. Watch the short video below and hear about my 2008 accident along the Pacific Crest Trail. You may possibly get what it’s like to be enjoying your outdoor love and suddenly finding yourself unexpectedly in a life-threatening situation. What is your story of the unexpected? Let me help. After this accident, I was initially in shock, though my body was basically uninjured. The shock receded, but slowly as time past subtle signs of trauma entered. I was avoiding water. Getting angry very quickly. I had less energy at times, plus sleep was difficult or not restful. Sometimes I would have dreams/nightmares about water. Over months, my hands and feet started clenching often before I’d realize that the sound of water was somewhere nearby activating my nervous system into a “oh, shit here we go again” mode. Six months passed before I began EMDR treatment. Because I had an existing relationship with a therapist, we were able to move directly into targeting the event. I found relief from many of my symptoms after just a few sessions. I didn’t complete the treatment initially because I was moving and it was some years before I was able to work with another EMDR trained therapist again. Now I have and I have more energy, relief, and I am often found standing in Colorado’s rivers and streams fly-fishing. Now I want to provide this service to you. Call to Begin 720-722-4070 `youtube: https://youtu.be/VhWNiyaMIpo`